Snow City Singapore: Arctic in the Tropics {Discount Code}

December is the time of the year when you feel like seeing snow. However, the closest to snow that we’ve seen are those foam type being released from machines. Not that appealing to us.

So, the kids were thrilled when we brought them to experience snow in real winter temperature, at Snow City Singapore, where visitors get to experience real snow in a sub-freezing climate.

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Fitbit Surge: Fitness Companion for Busy Women {Review + Giveaway}

I used to run regularly and would go for a jog at least once a week. As life gets more hectic this year, with me juggling kids, family and career, I find it a real challenge to fit running into my busy schedule. To make things worse, there was the haze!

With less time for exercise, I felt my fitness level dropped drastically over the past few months. How can I keep fit in the midst of my crazy schedule?

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SchTutors: Getting A Private Tutor For Your Child

Tuition for children is so common in Singapore that if a child does not attend any tuition classes, many will raise their eyebrows. Personally, I have my misgivings about our local tuition industry. As an educator, I find it disturbing that any Tom, Dick and Harry can become a tutor. It is not uncommon to have tutors who are students themselves, or those who have no teaching experience whatsoever. The most bewildering thing for me is, there are actually parents who are willing to hire a student to tutor their children.

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