10 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts To Make With Kids

Valentine’s Day is a day of celebration with the person you love. Besides being a day for lovers, there are many who are simply celebrating it with their loved ones, friends and family.

Here are 10 Valentine’s Day crafts that you can make with your kids.

1. Paper Strip Hearts


This is a great bonding craft activity you can do with your kids or as a family. It makes a beautiful display too! Tutorial here.

2. Celery Flowers


Simply tie a bunch of celery together, dip the top in paint or water colour and print!

3. Handprint Valentines Card


Get your little ones to make handprints!. Tutorial here.

4. DIY Valentines Photo Frame


You can get blank puzzle pieces from DAISO for only $2. This is a lovely craft to make together with your kids. Place a family photo within the frame to complete the craft! Tutorial here.

5. Love Wreath


Here’s another simple craft that you can do together with your kids. Instructions here.

6. Valentines Card Holder


This is a simple card holder made using paper plates, ribbons and hearts. Perfect for keeping those Valentine’s Day cards. Instructions here.

7. Cupcake Paper Flowers


Cupcake flowers are easy to make but look so lovely. Add a lollipop or ferrero rocher in the middle to turn it into a sweet gift for that special person. Instructions here.

8. Heart Caterpillar


This is a great craft to do with the little ones, especially if you’re on the theme of butterflies and caterpillars, like what I’m doing now with my 5-year-old girl. Instructions here.

9. Digital DIY Valentine’s Day Card

jadens cards

This card was created by my 8-year-old Jay. He designed this using MS Paint with the idea of selling it. He’s a real entrepreneur, I’d say! Anyone wants to support his little card designing business, please let me know! 🙂

MS Paint is an easy too to use for kids to design cards. Just choose the fonts, shapes and colours and they can create almost anything they want. Most computers have MS Paint installed, so you can easily get your kids to try it.

10. Love Bugs


I’m pretty sure these will be a hit with my kids. Which child can resist marshmallows and candies? Perhaps we can have an exception on Valentine’s Day, to let them enjoy some sweet treats. Anyway, Valentine’s Day is a day of sweetness and love, isn’t it? Learn how to make these here.

Have a sweet and lovely Valentine’s Day with your loved ones!

10 Easy Valentine's Day crafts to make with kids

Do you have other Valentine’s Day craft ideas? Share your links in the comments below!


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