Planning For A New Year {Links to Free Printable Planners!}

2015 passed by in a blur. Most days, I felt like I was putting out fires, running around like a headless chicken. Besides juggling the kids’ three different school hours and housework, I was teaching 5 days a week. In addition, I was writing in 3 different blogs. The year could only be summed up in one word – HURRY.

It seemed like I was craving for quietness and space to think. To reflect and simply, breathe.

So, I wrote posts such as, “S… L… O… W… DOWN“, “Pause… And Take A Deep Breath“, feeble attempts to give myself room to reflect and breathe.


After three long years, the kids are FINALLY all in one single school session! I will have 4 solid hours every weekday morning, alone. How much can I accomplish in 4 hours? A lot, I believe.

I am out with New Year Resolutions, because honestly, who has managed to keep them?

What’s more effective for me, I think, is some serious planning.

I spent some time over the past few days reflecting upon 2015 and thinking about 2016… and I felt that my ONE WORD for 2016 would be:

“B  U  I  L  D”

This year, I am going to spend my time and effort building…

Building my health, marriage, family, kids, walk with God, business.
Building relationships, friendships.

This means that there’ll be lots of planning to be done and systems to put into place. Sounds like a lot of work, which I am excited about!

But I know it won’t be another year of hurrying, zooming, putting out fires and running on hamster wheels.

Talking about planning, I’ve found these beautifully designed calendar planners that are FREE to download, thanks to the creative minds behind them.

I am going to print these out and use them to plan for 2016.

Click on the Source under each image and you will be able to download them at their respective sites.


Free-Printable-Weekly-Planner-MinimalistSource: Small Paper Things

2016-Montly-Calendar-PrintableSource: Scattered Squirrel


free-printable-plannerSource: Remaking June Cleaver

Source: I Should Be Mopping The Floor

Here’s to a better 2016! 🙂

P.S: And if those are not enough, check out these 100 plus places where you can download printable planners for 2016! Amazing!


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