Family Bonding: Exploring Pasir Ris Park

Kids just want to have fun. They don’t really care if their version of fun burns a hole in your pocket. Most parents want their kids to have fun too. And if they can give their kids fun, for free? Best!

One of our frequently visited fun for free places is Pasir Ris Park. This is our favorite place to cycle. It is less crowded than East Coast Park, even during weekends.

pasir ris beach scene
pasir ris beachpasir ris beach breakwater

What can one do at such a remote park that is tugged at the far end of the island? Plenty, I’d say.

Cycling is one. And you don’t even need to bring your own bicycles as there are 2 bicycle kiosks there. But since this is a Fun for FREE post, I won’t be asking you to go rent bicycles at the kiosks. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can always bring your own bikes!

pasir ris park beach

These are the other FREE stuff you can do at Pasir Ris Park.

1. Hide-and-Seek at the Maze Garden

pasir ris park maze gardenmaze garden pasir ris park

It was so empty that Jay cycled all the way into the maze garden (not sure if it’s allowed though, shhhhh…) and I ran around searching for him. It was fun.

pasir ris beach maze gardenmaze garden pasir ris park

2. Crab Watching at the Mangrove Swamp

pasir ris park mangrove swamp map

Do you know that there is a 6 hectare mangrove forest tucked away right in the midst of Pasir Ris Park? This is aย lovelyย place to bring your kids for a time of exploration, as it is supposedly a thriving habitat of unique plants and animals. The most common animal we’ve seen during our countless visits there were crabs.

pasir ris mangrove swamppasir ris park mangrove swamp

There are boardwalks above the mangrove swamp, so kids can safely walk around and explore the area. For once, the kids walked around quietly, in hushed voices, so as not to scare the crabs away. I really don’t mind the peace and quiet!

3. Bird Watching at the Bird Tower

pasir ris park bird tower

There is a bird tower along the mangrove swamp boardwalk, where you can climb up to the top for bird-watching. Our kids spotted a huge owl once, when they went there with their daddy. Even if you don’t get to spot any birds, climbing up the tower itself was fun enough for our kids and good enough for me to burn some calories!

4. Learn about Herbs, Vegetables and Plants at the Kitchen Garden

Kitchen garden pasir ris park

An inconspicuous area near the mangrove swamp is the Kitchen Garden. Most people would just pass by without even noticing it. But if you step right in, you can see a variety of plants on display.

pasir ris park kitchen garden plantspasir ris park kitchen garden

5. Go Wild at the Kids’ Playground

sandy playground pasir ris park

If your kids are tired of all the walking (or cycling), head over to the newly-renovated kids’ playground. This is one of the few playgrounds in Singapore which has sand. So if your kids love sand play, make sure you bring along some tools for digging.

Otherwise, there are enough areas in the playground itself to keep the kids occupied for hours! (I’m just showing you a small part of the playground. You need to go check it out yourself!)

playground pasir ris parkpasir ris park playgroundplayground pasir ris parkPasir ris park playgroundplayground pasir ris parkplayground pasir ris park

Need I say more?

With such a gem of a place hidden in the far eastern part of Singapore, I’m just so glad we can visit this place anytime we want. Because it is free!

If you’re planning for a visit to Pasir Ris Park, here’s some information that you might find useful:

Download the Walking Trail Guide prior to your visit, for a better idea of where to go.

Bring along bottles of water and be equipped with mosquito repellent.

As the mangrove swamp boardwalk is quite a distance from the kids’ playground, we usually bring along the kids’ skate scooters or bicycles.

If you’re driving:
The mangrove swamp is near Carparks B and C, while the kids’ playground is near Carpark D.

If you’re taking public transport:
Bus 403 from Pasir Ris Interchange takes you right up to the kids’ playground. Alight when you see the playground. You can’t miss it!

Be prepared to spend a couple of hours in this place!

This is just one of the 31 FUN and FREE places in Singapore where you can bring your kids to, and part of the #FunforFreeSG blog train started by The Gingerbread Mum.

AJ and JL
Tomorrow, Jenn from My Lil Bookwormย will bring you to the SuperTrees in Singapore! Jenn shares many educational stuff in her blog to help her readers ‘survive’ in our competitive education arena. Do pop by to read her posts once in a while!


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15 thoughts on “Family Bonding: Exploring Pasir Ris Park

  1. We didn’t know that there are so many places to explore in Pasir Ris Park. We have only been to the playground. The bird watching tower looks interesting. I am sure you can see many species of birds from this height. Thanks for sharing a wonderful place ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I guess the playground is the more prominent part of the park. The bird tower is supposedly a great place to see different species of birds but… I’ve not seen any yet. I’m not sure why. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. NICE! Been wanting to go to this mangrove swamp, after visited Sg Buloh. You reminded me again;). and This looks great to spend an entire morning!

    (Note to self, must bring food and water, lots. Haaa)


  3. I miss Pasir Ris Park! I’d go there with my cousins while growing up. Then I moved, they moved and I’ve not been there since. I didn’t know there was a mangrove forest at Pasir Ris too! Adding this as one of our to-go-places list..hehe!


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